Our training courses for teachers, examiners and raters is an inside look at the scope of teaching and testing of aviation English. Prof. Olena Petrashchuk has developed the training programs on research basis. The Courses and aimed at developing professional skills of teaching and testing in accordance with the ICAO requirements (Doc.9835) and internationally adopted standards in teaching and testing English for special (aviation) purposes.

Training includes the following training programs:
Course for Raters to work with ICAO LPR scale (initial training and periodic refresher).
Course for Examiners according to ICAO requirements (initial training and periodic refresher).
Course for Teachers of Aviation English (refresher course on ELT for aviation purposes).

Completion of these programs allows you to receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of the following:
Professional skills to teach Aviation English to aviation personnel;
Special examiner’s skills of the to conduct an oral interview in relation to the requirements of ICAO;
Special rater’s skills to assess, according to ICAO scale, the level of English language proficiency based on a recorded speech sample (Doc .9835, Cir.318, 323).