Why choose AEROLINGUA? Because our company is the only in Ukraine, specializing exclusively in English for aviation professionals and having unique long-term experience in training aviation personnel English language to meet their professional needs.:

Key facts:

- In 2005-2009 all Ukrainian air traffic controllers were trained and certified by us to meet the new language requirements of the ICAO (Doc 9835);

- This is the first company in Ukraine authorized (2007) by State Aviation Service of Ukraine to provide aviation personnel within training and testing in Aviation English; the only company with a permit for training examiners/raters to work with ICAO scale as well as for the development of tests in English;

- This is the only company where testing is conducted by professionally developed test (certificate of copyright №24345 of 25.04.2008), which has got a positive feedback from ICAO experts; our Test of English for Aviation Personnel (TEAP) has full technical documentation in compliance with ICAO requirements (Cir 318; Doc 9835) and took part in ICAO project - Test Endorsement. TEAP is recommended by State Aviation Service of Ukraine for use for licensure purposes;

- This is the only company with training and testing services based on research provided by Prof. Dr. Olena Petrashchuk – the representative of international expert community on Aviation English issues.

- This is the only company which offers English language training and testing to all categories of employees in aviation, namely air traffic controllers, flight crews and engineers of different profiles, airport employees, airfield workers, flight attendants, administrative staff of airlines and managers of aviation enterprises, students, cadets, aviation English trainers, examiners and raters, etc.

- All services provided meet 100% of the needs of aviation professionals in learning the English language and obtaining the relevant certificates;

- The company's staff works in compliance with ICAO requirements to testing services provider (ICAO Doc 9835);

- AEROLINGUA Certificate is recognized internationally;

- All our efforts are aimed at obtaining the best result - the personal success of our customers!

- All work with our customers aimed at obtaining a good result - their personal success.