Airplane and helicopter pilots are offered special English language training programs, which are the most popular because of the positive features:


Author's Course of Aviation English for Pilots, which offers aviation English training in accordance with the ICAO (Doc.9835) requirements. The program is aimed at English language skills to speak effectively during radiotelephony communication in non-standard and/or emergency situations when phraseology is not enough to achieve full understanding during the flight performance. This course includes exercises for learning special vocabulary, grammatical structures as well as tasks targeting skills to speak and hear correctly. The course is based on thematic units in accordance with the stages of flight and the list of non-standard / emergency situations. During the training, special focus is on the pilot’s work place depending on the kind of aircraft – airplane or helicopter.


The Course of English Phraseology is aimed at learning English radiotelephony phraseology. The course is offered for initial or periodic training. The initial training of phraseology is based on the minimum level 4 according ICAO scale. Our company offer unique opportunity to learn English up to Level 4 and continue learning English phraseology. At the end of the training program, two certificates are issued.


Workshop for ICAO test in versions for airplane pilots or helicopter pilots. The workshop aims to introduce format and performance tasks of the ICAO test. The minimum time allocated for the workshop - 2 hours. Depending on the individual level of English proficiency, number of hours for the workshop can be increased depending on the level according to ICAO scale expected.


Learning ONLINE is a popular option, which provides learning English without leaving home. Our staff will provide you with the most convenient schedule of classes. Learning English through Skype sessions is as effective as training in the classroom. Even staying in a different country, you can receive English language classes to suit your needs and goals. You only need a trouble-free access to the Internet. So, not to waste your time you can master the English language for your own purposes wherever you stay.