English language course for flight attendants/cabin crew has been designed to take into account the specific features of the workplace duties and responsibilities. The aim of the course is to improve communication skills with the crew and passengers in standard and non-standard / emergency in flight, including MAYDAY emergencies. The training course includes all necessary topics that allow you to work for international airlines abroad.
Among the main thematic modules for training to communicate in English in various flight situations are the following: Greetings. Prepare for takeoff. Communication with passengers during the flight. Passenger services (medical problems, complaints and requests of passengers, action in non-standard and emergency situations). Prepare passengers for landing (standard and emergency procedure). Disembarking passengers. Actions in emergencies.
On request, the course may include a module on the psychology of interpersonal and intercultural communication.


After completing our English language course, you will successfully pass the profile English test and interviews of any difficulty when applying for a job in international airlines.
The duration of training is identified individually, depending on the initial level of English.


ONLINE course is a popular option, which provides learning English without leaving home. Our staff will provide you with the most convenient schedule of classes. Learning English through Skype sessions is as effective as training in the classroom. Even staying in a different country, you can receive English language classes to suit your needs and goals. You only need a trouble-free access to the Internet. So, not to waste your time you can master the English language for your own purposes wherever you stay.